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Personal Counselling

For most of us, we struggle with the stresses and strains of modern living as we strive to do the best we can. And for most of the time we succeed. And this is something we don't give ourselves credit for - we don't always acknowledge our efforts and celebrate our successes.

But there are times when we can feel overwhelmed with the burdens of our every-day life. There may be an event or decision which we find hard to understand, to cope with or to accept. We feel swamped or unsure of ourselves. We are tired, weary and downhearted. Our self-esteem has reached a new low. We could do with some help. Would counselling help ? And "what is counselling ?" you may well ask.

Counselling is an opportunity to speak, in the comfort and security of complete confidentiality, to another person who is specially trained to Listen to you, to Understand you and your difficulty, and who will Respect you whatever the problem, and help you to see a new perspective on it which perhaps escaped you until now. Sharing a problem is halving a problem. As a counsellor I view your difficulty as a gold chain with knots in it. You come to me to help you unravel a big knot and you leave with the skills to unravel the smaller knots or any knots which can occur in the future. You leave with the capacity and the pride to wear your gold chain again.

It is you who will provide the solution with the help and the expertise of the counsellor. This ensures that the solution is within your capacity and your personal value system. Counselling imposes no obligations except those that you undertake yourself.

Seeking counselling is not a reflection on your inability to cope but a practical acknowledgement of your courage and determination to seek a solution, enabling you to move to a better place.



Donal Gaynor, B.Comm., P.I.I.E., Dip.PST
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