Donal Gaynor
Counsellor & Sex Therapist
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I offer a variety of services to persons and couples who feel that they could benefit from counselling.

Personal Counselling - This is suitable for individuals who want some help in dealing with a situation or topic which is proving difficult for them to understand, resolve or accept.

Relationship Counselling - Persons who are in a relationship - especially married or committed couples - will inevitably experience difficulties with the relationship at some time and which they are unable to resolve themselves. Relationship counselling can help.

Psychosexual Therapy - This is a specialist form of counselling which is intended for persons or couples who are experiencing difficulty with the sexual aspect of their life.

Infertility Counselling - A couple, faced with the possibility of being unable to have their own children, can be devastated. An understanding and empathic counsellor can ease the burden.

Marriage Preparation - Take some time out before your marriage to consider to what you are committing yourself. Perhaps you have doubts, need re-assurance or simply want to talk, then this service can benefit you and your partner.

Couples from the Deaf Community are especially welcome to benefit from 20 years unique experience in this field of work.


Donal Gaynor, B.Comm., P.I.I.E., Dip.PST
82 Lorcan Crescent
Santry, Dublin 9

Donal Gaynor - Counsellor & Marital Sex Therapist
Telephone: 01-842 0919
Mobile: 087-2095943