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Marriage Preparation

The necessity for preparation and training to enable a task to be done well has probably never been better understood than at this time, the start of the 21st. century. And parallel to this is the expectation that if I do the task well I will get satisfaction and also my efforts will be appreciated. And such expectations are fully justified.

One of the most important, and at times most difficult task undertaken by individual men and women is that of marrying and living with the person they love and for the vast majority of couples this includes having children and raising a family.
And yet little or no time is given to prepare ourselves for one of the most formidable challenges we will ever meet.

A little time taken out of our busy schedule of life can pay handsome dividends. Research has shown that "marital happiness contributes far more to global happiness than any other, including satisfaction with work and friendship" (Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and Tamara Newton, 2001, US Researchers on Marriage and Health). There are courses available all over Ireland but perhaps you find their scheduled times unsuitable ? Have you left it too late to enrol? Have you special needs you wish to discuss privately? Or are you having doubts about your decision or timing to marry? If so, a customised course to suit your needs and your availability is accessible to you.

Topics which you may wish to discuss and reflect upon include:

Communication, Commitment, Understanding our Needs, Budgeting, Conflict Resolution, Human Sexual Response Cycle, Sexual Anatomy & Physiology, Family Planning Methods, Respect and Love.


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