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Psychosexual Therapy (PST)

The inability of a man or woman to give satisfactory sexual expression of the uniqueness of their human existence - to suffer from a sexual dysfunction - is one of the most devastating experiences any person can encounter. How can I, as a psychosexual therapist, offer help?

You will be listened to, understood and accepted as you are, both as an individual and/or as a couple. Provided you meet some basic criteria, an individual programme, using systematically structured sexual experiences with con-joint therapeutic sessions, will be designed specifically for you as a person or couple, and be implemented at your pace.

Sex therapy, which is also good marital/relationship therapy, is ideally suited to a couple who are both motivated to seek an improvement in their sexual relationship. A problem may arise if the level of intimacy between the couple is suddenly changed by the ability to engage in more frequent or different sexual behaviour. Levels of expectation of both intimacy and sexual performance need time to be realised. It is these personal aspects of sexual behaviour which must addressed in any treatment programme to honour and respect the uniqueness of the individual persons and the uniqueness of their relationship. This is just one aspect of sexual therapy that requires the time, skill and expertise of the sex therapist.

Treatment can be offered for the following dysfunctions:
MALE : Loss of Desire ( "I've gone off it")
Erectile Dysfunction ( "I've lost my manhood")
Premature Ejaculation ( "I come too soon")
Delayed Ejaculation ( "I don't seem to be able to come")

FEMALE : Loss of Desire ( "I've gone off it")
Vaginismus ("It's impossible to make love")
Dyspareunia ("It hurts when it goes in")
Anorgasmia ( "I just can't come")

PLEASE NOTE :All exercises undertaken by the couple are carried out by them in the privacy of their own home. Regular visits to the therapist take place where further guidelines and directions are given.


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