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Counsellor & Sex Therapist
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Infertility Counselling

For most men and women, it is a natural expectation that should they desire to become a father or a mother, they will conceive a child or children of their own. And for the vast majority, this expectation is, thankfully, realised and celebrated.

But, alas, for some this will not be the case. For many reasons and for some reasons as yet unknown, the joy and privilege of natural parenthood is denied them. The disappointment, the hurt, the disbelief, the guilt, the sorrow, the hope and hopelessness, the loss and even despair all combine to cause confusion, strain and doubt to their relationship. And all this shrouded in the cloak of sorrow.

Couples who find themselves with this burden to carry can feel helpless, hopeless and a failure. Would it help to talk to a counsellor who will listen, who understands, and who can empathise? Being understood can be helpful but better still is help the couple to continue to value their self-worth, continue to respect each other and continue to grow in their love for one another.

This service is to help a couple realise the full potential of their relationship in the midst of their sadness and disappointment.


Donal Gaynor, B.Comm., P.I.I.E., Dip.PST
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