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Relationship Counselling

One of the most complex facets of living is our capacity to form relationships with other human beings. Some of these relationships are not of our choosing - a parent with their son or daughter, a brother or sister with their siblings, uncles and aunts, cousins and so on.

And some we can choose ourselves - boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, friend with friend etc. But whether they evolved by chance or by choice, all of the relationships have one thing in common - their fragility. For such is the nature of human relationships.

And no one relationship is similar to another. It is unique. It is special. It is precious. It is valuable. Because of the uniqueness of the relationship and unique personalities of the individuals engaged in it, it is not surprising that at times the relationship comes under strain and those involved in it find it difficult to resolve certain issues. They may be unable to "see the wood for the trees"

It is at times like this that the professional counsellor can help. The skills, experience, understanding, empathy and respect of the counsellor are used to resolve the difficulty.

A counsellor can be likened to a lighthouse - guiding the occupants of the relationship vessel through a storm to a safe berth. The skills learned can be applied by the couple themselves as the journey through the sea of life.


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